Guided tours

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the curtain at the Bacon Theatre? Now’s your chance to grab your group and see the theatre as you’ve never seen it before with our tailor-made backstage tours.

  • Why is it good luck to ‘break a leg’?
  • Why is Macbeth ‘the Scottish play’?
  • And is the green room really green?

Answers to all these questions along with intriguing insights, saucy secrets and tantalising tips are now available to your group. Tread the boards of one of the largest stages in the county, experience the epicentre of a theatre’s magic – the technical control box, and soak up the atmosphere of grease-paint and tantrums within our green room and changing areas.


We can arrange personal tours for a minimum of 6 people at a convenient time, guided by our own enthusiastic staff who live and breathe the excitement of the Bacon Theatre. As part of your tour a variety of catering options are available at a low cost.

Click here to contact us to register your interest and discuss your individual requirements.