So that’s it, once again another Open Air Theatre Festival, in the beautiful Tuckwell Amphitheatre has come to an end, and although this time of year always comes with a hint of sadness as we take down the lights, pack up the candles and move back ‘home’ to the Bacon Theatre, we always enjoy looking back over the two week festival and the new memories it brings year on year, for both us, and our customers.

This year we were delighted to welcome back, Heartbreak Productions, Folksy, Pantaloons, Jenny Wren Productions and Talking Shadows to the Tuckwell, alongside newcomers Rain or Shine, Opera Anywhere, Dot Productions and Little Blue Monster. We’d like to thank all of the touring production companies for their performances. Each and every show brought a special something to the festival for our various audiences to enjoy.

Our highlight and absolute favourite moment during the festival was when the Cinema under the Stars audience of Dirty Dancing gave the film a standing ovation as everyone enjoyed it so much! This was followed very closely by the freeze frame moments, where the cast of The Midnight Gang (Heartbreak Productions) invited some children and their Dads on stage to act out ‘Dads really smelly fart’, the children’s reactions to this were priceless!

Most importantly, we’d like to thank all of our audiences who joined us this year, and for all those who come year on year to support the festival, without you, it simply wouldn’t be possible. For all of those new to the festival, we hope you enjoyed the unique atmosphere that the Tuckwell Amphitheatre provides and we hope to see you again next year.

Finally, we would like to take a moment to thank the newest addition to the festival, the Old Dough Pizza Co. Iain who runs the vintage pizza van, was with us every show without fail and provided customers non-stop with the tastiest, fresh, wood fired pizzas’, which were made to perfection. Customers simply could not stop complimenting them! We are so glad to have forged this working relationship and delighted to say that he has agreed to join us next year!

Thank you once again to all who made the Open Air Theatre Festival a success, and we hope to welcome you back to the Bacon Theatre soon.

We are always open to ideas, suggestions and feedback for all of our events, so if you would like to get in touch please email us on


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